Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What happened in here?

Yesterday and today I have been working hard to reduce the clutter that has taken over my craft studio/office. One would think by looking in here that I am a total slob...One would be right! I am one of those crafty-type people who bounces from one thing to another, never minding to clean up the first project before starting the next...some call this compulsive or even ADD. I'm not ready to take on such a stigma yet, but I will say that I do have problems with keeping things in order — most of the time.

One would also say...Man, you have a lot of crap! And by crap I mean lots of cool useful stuff that I just can't live without, but never seems to get used...just collected! LOL!!

I am a true paper-collecting, sticker hoarding, scrapbooking junkie... I can't get enough and there will never be a time when I have enough. There will always be something sooo cute, it has to come home with me.

To make matters worse I am muy sentimental and struggle big time with throwing things away...in particular my kids school work and drawings. Of course I throw the hundreds of mass-produced worksheets away, but the art projects and things they personally put effort into...well, they now have a new home. Instead of being stacked and piled end-over-end in various boxes covering my studio floor, I now have them living safe and secure (and organized) in new file cabinets. One drawer per kid and the fourth drawer is for all those other things I keep, like the maps and memorabilia from our vacations or the ultra sound photos of my babies, our christmas letters, etc. All things I plan to scrapbook someday...you know, when I have more time! Until then I will spend that time organizing my collection of crap, cause that's what scrapbookers do. We admire, we buy, we collect, we organize...and then, just maybe, we scrapbook.