Saturday, December 16, 2006

Arrrrg Matey! Zander's Pirate Page

This is a page I started at my girls scrapbook getaway back in October. I had a lot of fun with this layout and I love the way it turned out. To make the paper look more old-world, I burnt the edge with a lighter. The pirate embelishment is by Meri Meri Accents, caption in top left corner by My Mind's Eye.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Penguin Pal

Inspired the movie "Happy Feet," Zander has been drawing penguins non-stop. I thought it would be fun to have the two older kids make penguin Christmas cards for their teachers. I cut all the pieces out and they glued them all together.

The "V" in the middle is a painted wooden letter, painted by Zander himself. Then we added the glitter while the paint was still wet. The "V" is for his teacher, who's name begins with "V." Natalie painted initials for her teacher as well. I think they turned out great.

Altered Christmas Candle

I just got done making four of these. I made them for my kids to give to their teachers (and teacher's assistants) for Christmas. I started out with plain 3" pillar candles (as seen in the back) and then wrapped them with scrapbooking paper (paper by Daisy D), ribbon and a bookplate.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Here's what I went with

Zander's revised Cowboy Invitation:
As much as I liked the other invitation, I think this one is better. I punched a border around the edge using a 1/16th inch punch, then threaded hemp twine through the holes. I like the added texture that it gives. "Zander's Roundup" is done in a Rope font I downloaded from an internet font site. I thought it was the perfect touch for this invite. Once the wording was printed out on parchment, I tore and burnt the edges (lost some of the invites in the process, got carried away!). Zander is very excited about his upcoming party. BTW, the address and phone number are blured for security reasons.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I think my camera is fixed

I thought she was a gonner, but my mom and dad tinkered with my camera tonight and so far, so good! Dan just ordered me a new camera too...but I think we will be returning it — bummer, I know...but we could really use the $$$ for other things. Someday I hope to get a new camera. But for now, if it truly is fixed, then I am just happy to have a camera that works! (see, the lense is back in where it's supposed to be.)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pumpkin Patch 2006

Just catching up on some layouts I haven't posted yet. Here is a 2-page spread from our time at the pumpkin patch this October. I'm not sure who the manufacturer is for the weathered paper on the top half is, but the bottom plaid is Bo Bunny Press. The Three dimentional pumpkins on the second page are Jolee's, the other die cuts are from A Joy Forever (my fave store), as is the orange ric-rac. I chalked the Pumpin Patch title to give it a little more dimention. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Natalie's Cookies

This is an old photo of Natalie when she was 3 that I am finallly getting around to scrapbook. I love that she is blowing on the cookies in hopes that they will cool off sooner.

I got the brown scalloped paper from A Joy Forever, there is no manufacturer listed. The polka-dot paper is from Bo Bunny Press.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Graduation Card

A friend of mine from high school lost her husband at Christmas time a few years back leaving her with two young children. As a result, she decided to go back to school and get her degree in teaching at George Fox University. I was invited to her graduation party, but can't make it due to my dad's 60th birthday celebration. Here is the card I made to congratulate her. Sorry about the fuzzy photo, but as you know from my prior post, my camera is now broken. (I hope I get a new one soon.) Paper is Stampin' Up!, the diplpma is Paper Bliss (I think) and of course Prima those!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Boo, hoo, hoo...I broke my camera!

After the birthday party yesterday, I set my camera down on the table to pick up Hayden. Somehow I knocked it off the table and it fell to the floor with the zoom fully extended. I have dropped it before, but not with the lense out. My poor camera won't close now and has very select focus. I can still take pictures, but only if the subject is within the range of focus that the lense is stuck at. I am so bummed. My camera is like an extention of me and I use it ALL THE TIME!!! I just checked how many photos I have downloaded since I got the camera 3 years ago and there are just over 12,000 photos. Yikes! What will I do. Christmas is almost here and Dan said he already got my gifts. I may have to borrow someone's camera as I need to take Zander's birthday photos as well as Christmas photos. What to do...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

princess party 2006

Princess Natalie on her 6th Birthday.

As the guests arrived, Natalie crowned each of them with a sparkly tiara.

Then they got a glittery manicure and and a spritz of body glitter. While they waited for their nails to dry, each guest had a picture with the birthday girl on her throne.
Although Prince Zander didn't get a makeover, he did participate in the other activities.

Once everyone had their picture taken it was time for crafts. Each guest got to decorate a tiara frame and then they embelished magic septors.

These are some of the completed crafts.

Right in the middle of opening her gifts, Natalie got a special birthday phone call from her favorite princess, Ariel. She was so excited.

After all the gifts were unwrapped, it was time for cake. This year Natalie requested cheese cake, so I bought some mini grahm cracker pie crusts and made everyone their own cheese cake topped with whipped cream and their name written on top.

Everyone got to take home a princess goblet filled with a tiara sucker,
gummy snacks and an Ariel lip gloss.

It was a busy couple of days, but well worth it to see all
the smiles at the party.

All the little details
One of my favorite aspects of throwing a big party is the theme. Once I have a theme to go by, I go joke. I become somewhat obsessive/compulsive and can't stop the machine that is...Alyssa: Party Planner! I will be the first to admit that I do go a little overboard...but it is so much fun. The decorating really sets the mood for the party.

Here is the "castle" entrance, all decked out with a red carpet and all.

As you come in, two tall castle towers draw you into the living room where the day's first activities will take place. The towers were made with things I found around the house. I searched all over for something to make these with and almost gave up until one day when I was snooping down in the basement and I came across an old roll of linoleum flooring. Perfect. I cut it into 2 pieces and rolled them back up around some paint cans for stability. (the paint cans are inside the base of the towers). Then I strung the Christmas lights up and covered them with some gold curtain sheers I took down when I put in denim valances in the boys room. Glad I kept them, they came in handy. The cones on top were just made from tag board.

Here is an over-head view of the "sparkle station" where the girls could get a glittery make-over. They could add sparkly decals on their nails, as well as polish and glittery body spray to top it off. (The tray is from the dollar store and the mirrors were on clearance at Michael's)

Here is Princess Natalie's birthday throne where we took photos of all the guests with the birthday girl. The canopy is from Natalie's bedroom and the chair is from my office.

This is the living room where the gifts will be unwrapped. I love to hang things from the ceiling. It makes the room look so much more festive. I got that inflatable castle on clearance for about the same price as a large mylar was a steal at 60% off.

One of the most important areas to decorate is the space where they will be eating. I wanted to make this area feel magical and very girly. I used a large bed sheet for a table cloth and strung Christmas lights under the table cloth for a soft glow. I turned an ordinary looking dining room light into a chandelier by hanging a clear and lavender faux crystal Christmas garland from the arms of the light. Then to add a more elegant feel, I hung tulle garland swags from the ceiling.

Every year I have made a themed cake. Now, I have no formal training in cake decorating, so usually I just wing it as best as I can. Some turn out better than others, but it's always a challenge. This year Natalie requested cheese cake, so I was stumped. I did a lot of visual research on google images (which is where I get some of the best ideas) and came up with about 20 great looking castle cakes, but I just couldn't figure out how to make it all come together. So, I did the next best thing...I made a castle cake topper out of styrofoam. I even carved out the bottom and put battery operated lights so the castle would glow. It turned out pretty good. I hope I don't regret not being up for the challenge of making a real cake, but I think this turned out just as pretty.

For all the little girls (and my two boys) I made personalized mini cheesecakes topped with whipped cream. The names were piped out of melted candy melts onto parchment. Under the parchment I had printed out everyone's name in a simple font so it could serve as a pattern for me to follow when writing out their names.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Shabby Chic Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Sweetktea!
Since I know Sweetktea likes shabby chic, I new exactly which papers I wanted to use. The papers are Anna Griffin...aren't they sweet? I got the (provo craft) wooden letter "K" from Craft Warehouse, "painted" it white using white Craft Ink. After it dried*, I stamped the weathered stamp using Bashful Blue ink. The to finish it off I tied a gingham bow and added Prima flowers and a button.
*(Note, the craft ink took forever to dry. Since I needed to get the card in the mail, I nuked it in the micro for 1 minute and it did the trick.)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dad's 60th Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Dad!
Here is your birthday card.
You should get the real one in the mail today.This is a tri-fold card with the number 60 cut out.
All the paper is last year's Christmas paper from Stampin' Up! I got the book plate from 2 Peas before Stampin' Up! carried them. Now I have the SU! Hodgepodge Hardware kits that have all kinds of fun metal embelishiments.

Stampin Up!s Winter Mini Catalog

Here is the link for the new Winter Mini Catalog. There is some really cute stuff in this one, so check it out. Also, Sell-a-bration is just around the corner begining in January. For every $50 you spend, you get a free Sell-a-bration set. (I'll post the Sell-a-bration catalog in January. ) This is one of the best times to be a hostess because you can earn Sell-a-bration sets for free too. Contact me to book your workshop.

Holidays at Half-Off Promotion!
If you're looking for great gift ideas this holiday season, look no further than Stampin' Up! From December 1 through December 31, you can get six beautiful stamp sets for 50 percent off their regular price with a $30 purchase of non-promotional merchandise. To view these sets you can click Here for the promotions page, or you can browse through the on line Idea Book and Catalog.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jon's Send Off Card

I just found out a couple days ago that my friend Jon is being deployed to Afghanistan. He has already served in Iraq for a year, but I guess his services are needed again. (he's a doc in the Army).

I can't go to his send off this weekend due to the birthday festivities, so I made this card to wish him well. I've know Jon since 2nd grade and his wife and I are great friends, althought I don't get to see them all that often. They have 3 boys, so you know she will be super busy. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Zander's Cowboy Invitation

Zander's birthday is coming up right after Natalie's so I am trying to get his invitations figured out now. This is my first prototype and I think it turned out okay. The part I like best about this card is that I can probably make all 12 of them in the same time it took me to make one of the castle invitations for Natalie's party. Any comments or suggestions?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Paper Chain: Countdown to Christmas

Do you remember making these in school? When we made them in grade school, we made long chains and hung them all over the class room. Every year since Natalie has been old enough to count, I have made one of these. This year however, I actually started it BEFORE December, so it's not as wimpy as in years past. Now that the kids are older, they are able to help assemble the chain. Won't be long until all the chains are cut off and Christmas will be here!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Assembling all the birthday invitations

As a creative person, I am always making a mess, much to my husband's dismay. I find it very difficult to keep my space clean and orderly all the time...especially this time of year. I guess sometimes being creative means making a terrible mess in order to produce great works of art. I am making 12 princess invitations (see prototype in previous post). As you can imagine my workspace is covered with glittery castles. Lots of always, I wish I had started sooner!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Like Mother, like Daughter

Natalie loves to make cards for people...kind of like someone else I know! Here is a card she made today for her cousin who turned 5. They both love Princess Ariel. Isn't it cute. All paper is Stampin' Up!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Natalie's Princess Party Invitation

This is how the invitation looks when it's closed.
This is how it looks when it's opened...before I've added the party details.
Here is a close-up, with the castle doors open to reveal the birthday girl's age!

One of my very favorite things to make are party invitations. This year my baby girl turns 6!!! Since the theme is Princesses, I thought a glittery castle would a fun way to announce the big day. This is just the prototype. The actual invites will also include the party details on the left inside flap as well as "Princess Natalie" in a scroll under the castle. I've had a vague idea of what I wanted this too look like for a long time, but I always have a bit of anxiety in starting into the actual design and development. Yesterday I worked on it on an off for a few hours while the kids were playing and after several revisions, I came up with this tri-fold card. She just loved it!!! Now I'm going to spend the next week cutting, folding, gluing and sprinkling with glitter to insure that these get mailed by Thanksgiving. I'm using the Disney Princess postage stamps of course. Wish me luck!
All paper is Stampin' Up! I used both Art glitter and Stampin' Up's Dazzling Diamonds. TFL

Friday, November 10, 2006

One of a kind art

You too can create works of art like this by going to
Just start moving your mouse around to create the design. If you want to change colors, click with the mouse. It's pretty I thought I would share.

So how much do you think I could get for this on ebay?...kidding!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wedding Photo CD Tin

This is a CD tin that I made for all the photos (on CD) that I took when I shot my friend's wedding last Sunday. It was a Luau theme, so I thought this paper was perfect.

Monday, November 06, 2006

My Scrap Studio: Think Pink!

Look quickly,
Alyssa cleaned her craft area!
MY DESK: This is where I have my Mac set up and where I store a lot of my supplies. In my desk I have all my adhesives, glitter, embossing powders, tags, pastels, watercolors, paper punches, beads, brads, eyelets, metal embellishments, fibers etc. On the top of the desk, I have all my ink as well as blank notes to write in. In the Iris cart I have envelopes, misc rubber stamps and card samples. In the cabinet I have all my paper, pens, stampin around wheels, tins and other packaging items for embellishing.
MY WORK STATION: Here is where I get most of my work done. This is an old drafting table from the design school days. I bought the bar stool when I had my studio set up in our garage before the move. Under the desk is extra storage.
MY SCRAPBOOK STORAGE: As you can see I not only store scrapbooks, but also idea books, magazines, ribbon, prima flowers, scissors and anything else that looks cute on the shelf. On the top in the pink drawers I've stored some of my photos on CD.
Here is a close up of my shelf. It makes me happy to see all my things on display. I got the ribbon holders at Target a couple years ago and then they stopped carrying them. I'm so glad I got 4, cause they are all filled up.
Did I mention that I am addicted to all those cute embellishments. Part of the fun of scrapbooking is getting all the cute stuff. Anyone else out there want to start a "12x12" step program with me (Hello, my name is Alyssa and I am addicted to embellishments!) I have a storage binder filled to the gills with these also, but these are ones I plan to use right away. This way they are out where I can gain inspiration from them. When the time is right I will know exactly were they are. (Unless Hayden gets to them. He likes to pull them all off.)
GOT STAMPS?: Being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for 8 years, I have acquired quite a nice collection of rubber stamps. I have lost track as to how many sets I have now, but there is always room for more, right?