Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Zander's Cowboy Invitation

Zander's birthday is coming up right after Natalie's so I am trying to get his invitations figured out now. This is my first prototype and I think it turned out okay. The part I like best about this card is that I can probably make all 12 of them in the same time it took me to make one of the castle invitations for Natalie's party. Any comments or suggestions?


Bob Roush said...

It looks pretty good to me!

Alyssa said...


sweetktea said...

Way cute! Looks like a western theme...maybe having to do with a certain sheriff by the name of....Woody?
Hayden has been informing me of his bday even though it's not til spring but he has informed me that he's having a Larry Boy bday. Oh boy! I have already started getting the monkey banana stuff for it. Hmmm...what to do. I just don't know if there is Lboy bday stuff out there. I mean I am sure I can get creative but...I already have the other planned. Maybe we can do a small lboy one with just our family one night then the monkey one with friends.

Is that real leather btw? Or paper that looks like leather? I like how you incorporated all things western: the denim, bandanas, twine, the sheriff star, and the leather. So, so cute Alyssa!

Alyssa said...

Yes, we're having a cowboy theme. He really suggested a "little Joe" ala veggie tales, but I'm pretty sure that would be hard to pull off. Besides, last year he had a veggie tales party.
Zander decided on the Cowboy theme a long time ago...over half a year or so. So, as the year went by, I picked up things here and there for the party. Well, now that Cars is such a big hit with him, he said he wanted a Cars birthday. No changing it now, so I decided he can have a Cars party at school where we will be bringing Cars shaped gummy fruit snacks and Cars cookies I found at W-mart. Then he can use his Cars napkins and stickers to pass out to his classmates and it will be a short and sweet party that doesn't mess with the real birthday party. Whew!
BTW, the strip in the middle is pleather. I found it at A Joy Forever. They just got in some new monkey and banana printed paper on the far wall, by the window near the Thomas paper, (just past all that to-die-for Disney stuff.)

I got a few pieces to "play" with.