Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dad's Cancer memory box

This past summer (June) my dad went in for surgery to remove some cancer (he had prostate cancer). The surgery was a sucess. He just got checked the other day at the doctors and his levels are higher than expected, but we are trusting God that everything is okay. He will be checked again in three months.

This is a memory box I made for my dad a few months ago and finally gave it to him tonight, so now I can share it with you. It was really fun to make. I bought the box and the accordian album from Oriental Trading, the striped paper is from Disney and the embelishments on the lid are from Jolee's Botique. I cut out the letters by hand; traced them from a stencil first.

The Spongebob page is kind of an inside joke. In order to have the surgery in the first place, my dad had to fast for a couple days. Then after the surgery, he was ready to eat and all they would let him have was a little pink sponge on a stick dipped in water that he could suck the liquid from. So naturally Spongebob was a fitting name for him. (the yellow ribbons on the side have velcro on them to hold the accordian book closed.

The next picture shows all the cards and other momentos from the hospital that fit neatly in the bottom of the box when you lift out the book.

The following two pictures are some highlights of the inside of the book and the last photo is of the inside of the box lid; a description of prostate cancer.

On the back pages of the book (not shown) I printed out some well wishes and thoughts from friends and family that were posted on his CarePages (cancer blog). It was my complete adiction to reading my dad's blog that I decided I needed to get a blog (or two) of my own. And the rest is history. Thanks for looking!


Bob Roush said...

I should have looked before I wrote for you to send me an invitation, you must have done so already, but for some reason it does not come up on my dashboard.

I liked your designs.

Love again,


sweetktea said...

What a nice gift for your Dad, Alyssa. I'm glad he's better.