Thursday, November 16, 2006

Natalie's Princess Party Invitation

This is how the invitation looks when it's closed.
This is how it looks when it's opened...before I've added the party details.
Here is a close-up, with the castle doors open to reveal the birthday girl's age!

One of my very favorite things to make are party invitations. This year my baby girl turns 6!!! Since the theme is Princesses, I thought a glittery castle would a fun way to announce the big day. This is just the prototype. The actual invites will also include the party details on the left inside flap as well as "Princess Natalie" in a scroll under the castle. I've had a vague idea of what I wanted this too look like for a long time, but I always have a bit of anxiety in starting into the actual design and development. Yesterday I worked on it on an off for a few hours while the kids were playing and after several revisions, I came up with this tri-fold card. She just loved it!!! Now I'm going to spend the next week cutting, folding, gluing and sprinkling with glitter to insure that these get mailed by Thanksgiving. I'm using the Disney Princess postage stamps of course. Wish me luck!
All paper is Stampin' Up! I used both Art glitter and Stampin' Up's Dazzling Diamonds. TFL


sweetktea said...

Just when I think you can't have any more creative genious left in you..... lol :-)
Woowee! This one could be published somewhere Alyssa! It's awesome.
Got any idears for monkeys/bananas type invites? That's what I am doing for Hayden's bday in April. You can email me if you think of anything. Not like you don't have anyOTHER bdays to think of though. I know. :-)

Alyssa said...

I love that theme. I am thinking of doing it for my Hayden when he turns 2. He eats like 1-2 bananas a day, loves em. I'll put my thinking cap back on, but you're right, it may not be right away!