Thursday, November 02, 2006

My little Muffins

Here is my most recent creation. I scrap-lifted it from one of the talented girls at Two Peas. It sits on my kitchen counter and I just love looking at all the cute pictures, they are some of my all time favorites.


sweetktea said...

OMG! Can that BE any sweeter?
Ok, please tell me, how did you do that? Like, did you paint the muffin tin and all that!
How cute! How do you find the time Alyssa?

Alyssa said...

The muffin tin was actually from a garage sale and was already that color. It took some time to get the size of the circles just right, but after that it went pretty quickly.

I have had the tin just sitting on my counter for at least 3 months, waiting for a free moment to work on the picture part. Then when the kids all got sick, I had my chance when they were napping!