Monday, December 04, 2006

Boo, hoo, hoo...I broke my camera!

After the birthday party yesterday, I set my camera down on the table to pick up Hayden. Somehow I knocked it off the table and it fell to the floor with the zoom fully extended. I have dropped it before, but not with the lense out. My poor camera won't close now and has very select focus. I can still take pictures, but only if the subject is within the range of focus that the lense is stuck at. I am so bummed. My camera is like an extention of me and I use it ALL THE TIME!!! I just checked how many photos I have downloaded since I got the camera 3 years ago and there are just over 12,000 photos. Yikes! What will I do. Christmas is almost here and Dan said he already got my gifts. I may have to borrow someone's camera as I need to take Zander's birthday photos as well as Christmas photos. What to do...


sweetktea said...

Ohhhhh Alyssa - I am so sorry! That is horrible!
I take my camera everywhere too, I know how bummed you must be because I know that I would be too!
Dan's done Christmas shopping already? Well I guess it's not that far away.

Alyssa said...

He ordered on-line...then two boxes magically showed up at out house. He told me not to open them...tempting though! We just had a talk about getting me a camera for an early birthday present...7 months early!