Saturday, December 16, 2006

Arrrrg Matey! Zander's Pirate Page

This is a page I started at my girls scrapbook getaway back in October. I had a lot of fun with this layout and I love the way it turned out. To make the paper look more old-world, I burnt the edge with a lighter. The pirate embelishment is by Meri Meri Accents, caption in top left corner by My Mind's Eye.


sweetktea said...

You be such a crafty lady me hearty!!!!
Love this Piratey page, I may be scraplifting this one off you Arrgghh!

***Keep in mind I have been inhaling paint fumes this evening, remember?***I think it's effecting me! LOL**** :-)

Alyssa said...

I'm sure you have lots of pirate photos too. This was a fun layout. I like all the layers and textures. Hey no need to make excuses for your pirate talk... in our house, you are super cool when you talk like a pirate...Arrggh Matey!