Saturday, August 26, 2006

The REAL reason we went to Vegas!

Dan was so disappointed that we missed out on the "all you can eat" seafood buffet the last time we went to Vegas (due to my pregnancy/nausea) that on the first night, we took a taxi to the Rio Hotel just to have dinner. It was amazing, all you can eat lobster tail, crab legs, well as other international cuisine and a dessert bar to die for. It was well worth the $$$. I can't wait to go there next time!

I made the net out of an old onion bag and then added the crabs which are from none other than Jolie's botique.


Bob Roush said...

Nice Blog! Gotta go.



sweetktea said...

I love the net and the mini crabs! Great use of space with the pictures. Now I want some lobster-yum!