Thursday, August 30, 2007

Altered First Grade Clip Board

One of the items on my daughter's first grade supply list was a clip board. When I read this, my gears started turning and I decided I would try to make an altered one for her to take to school. I bought all the school supplies on the list about a month ago, but did I bother to work on the clipboard? Oh, no! That would be too efficient. Instead, I wait until the morning before first grade orientation!!! Smart, no...but it did work out alright, so I guess I kinda lucked out. I was a bit nervous cause I've never made and altered clip board before and I've never modge podged anything onto acrylic, but it worked like a charm. I actually modge podged everything to the back (because the clipboard is clear) to avoid a bumpy clipboard since she will be using this at school. It's not as stylish and hip as many of the altered clipboards I have seen, but I think it is just fine for a first grader. Natalie LOVED it and even thanked me for making it for her. Anyway, here it is:

Letter stickers and water background paper is from EK Success. Ariel border strip is from My Paper Garden. Stickers are from Sandylion and the ribbon is from Offray. Natalie drew the picture of cute! The photo of Natalie and Ariel was taken at Disneyland and was the last part of the clipboard to dry, so when I took a picture of it, you can still see the glue...fortunately, it will dry clear...eventually


Bob Roush said...

Very Cute! It is hard for me to believe that it is that time of year already!

One sort of looses track of time when one does not have children to get ready for school. Although I still have some fond memories of getting you four ready and then off to school, those were the days!

Debbi said...

Too filippin cute. I made a clip board once. No body liked it due to the picture that was on it. A mouth full of braces. It was funny though.

Sherri said...

How cute...I haven't tried one of these yet but really want to. You did a great job. Your dd will be a hit at school.

SpAzzGiRL said...

Very cute, I am sure it will be very fashionable in 1st grade.

KarenSueM said...

this is really cute!!

what a great idea to use the back of an acrylic board!