Monday, August 13, 2007

What's old is new again

I haven't spent too much time making cards or scrapbooking. Rather I have been working my tail off in the garden, pulling weeds. In my relaxing time, I have been spending far too much time at 2 peas on the message boards there. I did manage to "beautify" this old storage bin thing that was left in the garage when we moved here. It was blue and I spray painted it pink...

Why am I all of a sudden pulling weeds, camping out on 2 peas and spray painting bins? Because that's what I do when I am procrastinating getting ready for Hayden's upcoming birthday party. Don't get me wrong, I am totally looking forward to the party, I just hate all the cleaning before I do other non-related things to pass the time until the very last minute when I run around like a mad women trying to whip this place back into shape!



Anonymous said...

:D Hi! Im Cristal, you left a comment in my livejournal blog asking about my blog skin.

That particular skin is part of the livejournal system. I just click it on pretty much.

SpAzzGiRL said...

Totally cute re-painted.
I am a professional procrastinator, just join our club! LOL

melissa said...

cool re-paint!

aww prcrastination..not a friend of mine either ;)

sweetktea said...

Great job, what a great find in the garage! Love the pink paint of course!