Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Katie!

Today is my friend Katie's birthday...our husbands went to high school together and over the years we have become friends too!

I just love this Stampin' Up set...I need to use it more often. I also love the dazzling diamond glitter. It looks great over any color...and what girl doesn't like a little extra sparkle?

Katie is one of my only friends (besides my blogging friends of course!) who is as crazy about scrapbooking and crafty stuff as I when I saw these I had to send them with the card:

FYI: I found this super cute "Scrapbooking Girl" mint tin at Joann's


toners said...

Great job! Love the coloring and glitter :)

Rachael said...

Pretty card!! Love the glitter!!

CircesMagic said...

WOW! Those are great cards.

sweetktea said...

Thanks Alyssa for my card! And of course all the sparkle!!!
I loved all the green papers used and the stamp was cute! I just love that flower/scalloped punch you have.
Thanks for my Scrapbooker Girl mints! I loved it! What a great suprise to get in the mail!
Thanks again!