Thursday, April 10, 2008

Journalism Portfolio

Today I was having one of those mom days where I felt a little left in the dust. Right now at this point in my life, my career is being a mom. I am completely content with this decision on most days, but it seems lately many of my friends are going back to school, getting or finishing their degrees and finding fulfillment in a new career.

After just recently working over time to finish my daughter's school yearbook, I honestly don't know how working moms do it. I have been a total zombie all week trying to catch up on housework, take care of the kids, run errands and fix meals.

At any rate, back to my I was feeling a tad inadequate and went down to the basement to try and locate my design portfolio in hopes that seeing what I used to do would somehow make me feel better. Well, I didn't find the design portfolio, but I did find my journalism portfolio. Here is a page I did of my most memorable interview ever...with Heather Locklear!

Holy Eyebrows Batman!...clearly I hadn't yet discovered eyebrow waxing yet. LOL!!! So here's the scoop...Heather Locklear, Timothy Busfield, Chloris Leachman and Micheal Beck were in town filming a made for TV movie called "Fade to Black" (this was before her Melrose Place days). I piped up and volunteered myself to interview for this a journalism major this was about as exciting an opportunity as I would get, so I jumped at the chance. Heather was "nice" or should I say polite. She didn't want to be photographed really, but then agreed to let our photographer photograph her from a distance. Fortunately, I was friends with the photographer who used her zoom and got a tight shot anyway!!! I could tell by her non verbals that Heather Locklear wanted the interview to be short and sweet, so I tried to accommodate.

Later that same afternoon, my editor got to interview Timothy Busfield (from "Revenge of the Nerds" and "30-Somthing") and I got to sit in on the interview. Unlike Heather Locklear, Timothy Busfield was so cool and extremely friendly. He sat down with us and just kind of hung out for a while. It was a fun day for sure.

These layouts are pretty basic and just contain clips from the articles I wrote.


milkcan said...

How fun is that?! And BTW, I think you look great!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

What a cool memory! I have always loved Heather Locklear, but thats cool to hear about Timothy Busfield who I used to love on 30 something!

Heather said...

That is a cool memory! I know how you feel about the mom job. Most days it's the best thing but some days you feel like the caboose!

Mickle Family said...

Yeah, her body language (arms crossed) looks very open and inviting! But how cool is it to say you've met H.L.?!?
Now if you could only get an interview with Miley Cyrus, Wishbone, Ariel, etc, you'd be the coolest Mom in the world!
Hang your laundry on the clothesline while this beautiful sunshine lasts! Or at least take time to tip your head back and let the sun shine on your face, ah-h-h!

gordo said...

Good to see you are doing well!!! I do remember that you liked journalism. Thought of you the other day and looked you up. Take care............Jason