Monday, July 02, 2007

Style Watch

After looking through the new online catalog, I just want to say that I am in trouble...again. It seems that after collecting stamps as long as I have, enough would really be enough, but alas...I WANT MORE! Stampin' Up is really good about keeping up with the current styles and from what I have seen at our local scrapbook stores, it looks like they hit the mark with all the new offerings in the Fall and Winter catalog.

Here are the current trends represented this season:
Uses lots of Baroque flourishes and Damask floral patterns.
It has a French flair that is whimsical yet elegant.

Boho West:

Combines rustic western motifs with feminine swirls and accents.
A very bohemian style.

Corner Office:
This trend uses lots of elements from a pre-computer era when everything was done by hand.
File tabs, book plates, brackets, forms and other ephemera.

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sweetktea said...

Everything looks great! Can't wait to check out the catalog!