Sunday, July 01, 2007

Today's the day

Today at noon (mountain time), Stampin' Up! will be revealing their new Fall and Winter catalog. This year, instead of having a big catalog covering a full year's holidays, they have decided to break it up into 2 catalogs. From July to December you can purchase from the Fall and Winter catalog, then in January, the Spring and Summer catalog will be available.

Several demonstrators on the east coast have already received their complimentary copy, but for now, this is the only sneak peek I have:

Every year in July I wait, anticipating all the new sets and accessories. I stalk the mail man in hopes that he has my catalog. Fortunately a couple years ago Stampin' Up! started releasing the new catalog on-line. So for those of you, like me in the Pacific Northwest, you can view it at 11 am our time by clicking on this link.


Mamacimino said...

Alyssa, you're going to have to let me drool over that cataloge as soon as I come over later this week! Can't wait to see you on Wednesday. Hope I can steal you away for a bit so I can talk scrappin' to you.

SpAzzGiRL said...

I don't have my catalog yet and all these sneaks are making me anxious!
So hoping mine comes today....