Tuesday, September 04, 2007

River Rafting Q & A

Q: Sherri asked "Who took the photo?"

The rafting outfitters have someone positioned on a bridge a few feet away from Husum Falls to take photos of all the rafts that come down. I think our guide said he takes something like 16 frames a second ...or maybe it was 16 frames a minute. Honestly I'm not sure, I was concentrating on not having a heart attack! Anyway, you can kind of see the shadow of the bridge in some of the photos.

Q: Tara asked "Which company did you go with?"

A: We went with a company called Zoller's Outdoor Odyssey. My husband researched a bunch of them and Zoller's had the best rating. I think we got the best guide too. He was having us turn 360s down some of the rapids...quite fun. We also got several chances to "surf" against the rapids. Highly recommended trip. Our guide also told us that the rafting starts in May with the first run off (from the mountain), but you can't go down the falls this early as there is more water making it too dangerous...Imagine that!

Thanks for your questions. Hope I answered them all.

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