Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arrrrr ye wonderin' where I've been? I took on a campin' voyage with me kids and caught me a bad case of the scurvy...(actually me caught a very bad cold which makes it hard t' Yarrr)! Avast, me hearties, for I want t' tell ye of me recent discoveries...It seems that today be "talk like a pirate day" on this 19th of September an' I been busy within' me kids who be also sick.

Dollar Store Barrrrrgains:
Earrings, socks n' straws arrrr perfect for today's festivities. Aren't they Darrrrling! (Never mind that the skull earrings appear to be wearing a grill!). Me also got the pirate hats n' eye patches for a piece o' eight (a dollar)!

In the Galley:

Today fer lunch, Capt'n Pirate Mama served up a sea-dog boat fer me wee shipmates. Made of tuna, this seafarin' vessel includes a walk the plank pickle and some scary sea fish crackers sure to bring out the fear in all ye land lubbers! Yarrr!!!

Fer dinner me fixed a Sea Monster surprise:
(Well, actually, it looks more like Hitler, but he be scary too, Yarrr!)
The we eyes were made of eggs in this fashion:

And fer dessert I served key lime pie. Why key lime? On accoun' o' limes help prevent th' scurvy!
The skull an' cross bones be made from meringue.

Thanks fer lookin'

If I gets over me cold by the week's end me plans t' go t' the Portland Pirate Festival!


Linda said...

How cute! It looks like you had a fun day.

toners said...

What a great day you all had! Good job! :)

sweetktea said...

Oh Alyssa! You are the funnest, most creative Mommy! How cool are you? :-)
I love all your ideas!
Did you guys end up making it to the Pirate Festivities??

Alyssa said...

No...sadly, we just stayed around here and recovered from our week.

Monica said...

OMG...that had me cracking up! Too funny!!

Kathleen said...

Welllll, m'dear, it must be the Norse in yer dear Mama's side that a commin' out in you. That seafarrring is in yer blood.

I do not believe any of them were pirates, although more than one died a long way from home.

Maureen said...

Arrr! That be hearty grub fer pirate scallywags... and such a fine crew ye have!

Hope yer up and at em now tho...