Friday, November 02, 2007

Disney Princesses on Ice

Last night I surprised my daughter and took her and her friend to see the Princesses on Ice.

Here is Cinderella as she arrived at the ball in her beautiful pumpkin coach.

Before leaving for the show, I made these to surprise the girls...shhh! I found some lip gloss and an Ariel towel (the kind that expand into a washcloth when you add water to them) at the dollar store. I packaged them up with a princess lollipop in some tulle along with this tiara card signed by her favorite princess...Ariel!

At intermission Natalie looked down and noticed this package on the floor beside her. She really thinks it's from Ariel...and totally bought my story that Tinkerbell magically delivered it.

Here are Ariel and Flounder!

Ya wanna make a 6 year-old cry? No? me neither, but if you keep them up past their bed time to go trick-or-treating then the next night take them to a late princess show and have the nerve not to purchase the overpriced merchandise at the souvenir stands, it's possible that they might least Natalie might...Just a warning for you!


sweetktea said...

I love the suprise gift you made, darling princess sucker! Fun how you happen to find an Ariel towel. I wished I had found those.
I love the way you used the tulle, very princess like and the crown too with the jewels. I'll bet they just felt so so special.
I also made some princess goodies,
I made a card with a castle stamp and on the backside I stamped a crown also using jewels.
In their princess baggies I tied up (like a scroll) their Princess activity books with ribbon, put a candy ring in there along with a candy necklace-like they already don't have enough candy right? Then I added some of those glow bracelets too, the girls loved having those!
Anyway, I loved how you made your package from Ariel. That makes it so special and memorable for them.
Just to let you know....The Children's Theater is having a Beauty and the Beast play coming up here soon. You'll have to check that out, might be fun too! :-)

Donna said...

You are such and awesome Mom!! These memories are going to last forever for Natalie.