Friday, July 18, 2008

Fabulous Food Friday: Fried Won Tons

To make these yummy appetisers, you need to purchase won ton wrappers and whatever ingredients you want for the filling. I typically use a mixture of cream cheese, ham (or chicken) and chives.

Separate the won tons as you go and spoon a small amount of the filling into the center.

Fold over and wet the edges to seal.

And tuck the end up to the middle. Seal the ends using water. Fry in vegetable oil, a few at a time, until brown and crispy.

Now here are some photos of my newest hobby...bento lunches!

These are made with sticky (sweet) rice, using rice molds found in Asian markets or online. I got mine from my brother-in-law's fiance who brought them back from Japan!

I used my paper punches to punch holes and flowers for the eyes out of nori (dried seaweed)...see, crafty and tasty!

Here is a lunch I made for my daughter this past spring using the rice molds. This time, I didn't use sticky rice, just leftover rice that I added Yoshida's gourmet sauce to make it "sticky." The bunny has a carrot nose and is surrounded by Edamame. She loved it!


Jenny said...

I will have to try that recipe! Your bento is cute!!

btw I found you through 2 peas :)

Mickle Family said...

Does this lunchbox come with some type of holders just in case it's turned upside down?