Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pink, Pink, you stink!

Many of you already know about my obsession with Pink...if it's pink...I want it. Not in a selfish, materialistic way, but yes, I do get a little excited when I find pink things. Who wouldn't want to drive around in such a cute car?

My eyes are seriously drawn to the color pink...always have been. A few years ago I saw a pink old-fashioned type writer on ebay and I just had to have it. I bid on them and would be out-bid and then I'd wait for the next one to show up. I was determined to get one. It never happened...yet. Still want one though. Isn't she cute!

When Kitchen-Aid came out with pink appliances, I was ready to paint my kitchen pink and re-decorate with pink appliances...then I remembered I was married and my husband would not see the beauty in a pink kitchen! Plus, despite my admiration for the color pink, I really don't want to turn into that crazy lady who lives in a pink house with too many cats who are also pink!

If I could have a pink kitchen without turning into that crazy lady, I would need one of microwaves!

Oh, and let's not forget all the cute pink things Pottery Barn Teen has...A pink mini fridge for your dorm room (or craft room!) LOL!!

And these chairs...I just love Pottery Barn! Such cute things in there!

Wouldn't mind one of these either. Remember back in the day, waiting for the rotary dial to come all the way around before you could dial the next number.

Fellow scrapbooker, Heidi Swapp loves pink just like I do. Here are some of her pink Christmas trees using some products from her scrapbooking line to decorate with.

...and lastly, when I saw this, I started thinking...hmmm... I know the Sizzix machine I have is perfectly fine and practically new, but it's red and white...maybe I could sell mine and get this one. I seriously thought that. Am I crazy? I think maybe a little! But man, this one would really look great in my craft room!


Heather said...

OMGosh! When I saw that pink typewriter I got so excited for you! And then sad when you said you didn't win it. I'm so sorry! I love pink things too. But because I am the only girl in my house the pink is confined to my craft room or the bathroom. The bathroom is 1955 pink tiles! I'll have to post a picture for you.

emily said...

What a fun entry to read! I think I've always been secretly jealous of pink lovers out there because there are so many cute pink things! I tend to collect anything I can find in light aqua blue...not so easy to find unfortunatly! Hope you find that pink typewriter you want someday!

Mickle Family said...

If you get that pink Bug, I'll be a good friend and ride around in it with you, with my pink scarf, pink sunglasses, and pink outfit!

KarenSue said...

ooooh LOVE the pink!!
esp the car

Miss M! said...

That's because pink is the BEST color.

Now I want a pink typewriter too.

Christina said...

I am the exact same way about the color pink. My husband can testify to that! He is used to the fact that I get distracted by pink when we go into a store and so we don't always go in and get out as fast as he would like. He got me a pink netbook and was so sweet to agree without hesitation to a hot pink (and gold) wedding. I loved looking at all these wonderful pink items you posted!