Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!!

Although I did stop in and pay a visit to my local scrapbook store, I spent most of my day at the Fairy Festival in Portland. This is a photo of my daughter up in a tree.

Anyway, as I was checking out of the LSS, I saw this deck of cards by Heidi Swapp. They are huge in real life (aprox 5x7). I don't know if I would spend $9 on them just to alter or embellish them, but they sure are cute. I think Heidi Swapp and other scrapbook vendors know that we are all suckers for cute packaging. Seeing those oversized playing cards reminded me of another oversized scrapbooking product I came across last week...Have you guys seen the new Martha Stewart Crafts stuff at Michaels? I thought it was nice, but nothing found it's way into my cart...yet! One thing I did could I miss it...was her HUGE 18x18 sized albums, and paper. WOW this sucker is gi-normous. And for $80 I don't think it will be a jumping off the shelf, especially when you factor in that all of the MS crafts merchandise is exempt from the 40% off coupon we all love to use. Who on earth is going to buy an 18x18 album...and where would you keep it? Not on a book shelf, that's for sure. On one hand she might be trying to start a new trend with this large size, but if she did her research, she would have realized that most serious scrapbookers use 12x12 and are already invested in 12x12 paper storage, page protectors, albums etc. Seems kind of strange to me. I like Martha, and her designs are very true to her style, simple, elegant and clean, but it doesn't scream "buy me." Maybe after I see what people are doing with it I will change my mind.


toners said...

OMGosh, that photo is adorable! I was laughing at the size of the MS albums when I saw them; I already have enough trouble trying to store (and lift!) my 12x12 ones! Have a great day :)

SpAzzGiRL said...

Aww she is so cute!
Saw those cards this weekend and asked my friend, what do I do with these? Play poker?

Jill said...

What a sweet picture!