Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week, so last night I got busy and created 4 sets of "old-school" stationery for my older kids to bring to school today (they each have 2 teachers). The cards are pretty basic, but I thought the retro art was cute...especially for a teacher.

Paper Daisy D, Foofala, and Basic Grey.


Jill said...

Nice colors!

sweetktea said...

I wish you had more of those holders!!!! :-(
Do you happen to have any extra on hand I could buy from ya??
Maybe I will just get some really tough cardstock and trace around the one I have now and make my own. I want to make a school themed one as well for Hunter's teacher for the end of the year type thing.
I love the ones you made Alyssa, just love 'em!! Where did you find all that retro paper? And the ribbon? Love it all!
We brought his teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week lunch today in a basket complete with tulips, Rachel Ray magazine, killer brownie, Cashew chicken salad sandwich on a croissant, fresh berries, broccoli salad, smoked cheddar cheese and pita chips. YUMMY!!! Oh, and some raspberry tea along with chocolate covered mints by Altoids. I covered everything up with a cute tea towel and tied a big bow on the handle and she just loved it and felt very blessed.
Our teachers work so very hard and have such a huge responsiblity molding our precious kiddos minds. They do such a great job!

Alyssa said...

After making the 4 for the teachers, I only have about 3 left. Remind me next time I see you and I'll get you one. I think I would keep it and use it as a template. I got the retro paper and the ribbon both from A Joy Forever...love that place. Your lunch basket sounds sooo good. I'm going to store that idea in my head for next year. How very cool...and thoughtful too!

Samantha said...

As a teacher, I would love to get these gifts...how did you make them????


Samantha said...

As a teacher, I would love these gifts!!! How did you make them?