Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fruit Cup Gift Container Tutorial

I made these for Valentine's Day last year as teacher's gifts...filled with hot chocolate mix. This year, we filled them with m&ms.

Start with a small fruit cup with a pull tab top.

Using a safety can opener (that leaves no sharp edges) remove the BOTTOM LID. Wash out container and dry (make sure it's completely dry).

... and fill with candy (or whatever).

Seal up the lid with a thin bead of Crystal Effects or other clear laquer.

Last, cover can with cute paper.


Heather said...

How CUTE is that!? I used to save these cans and makes candles. And I have to say if I had your child as a student you would definitely be my fave mom!

sweetktea said...

Cute! I totally forgot about doing that! Hunter's party is tomorrow.....hmmmm....maybe I will have to whip out those puppies!

Anonymous said...

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