Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

Wow, it's been a whole week since I have posted anything. I have been real busy working on pages and hope to post some more soon.

Don't worry about this title...I don't have self esteem issues. But it just seemed like such a fitting description for the way I felt that day. Here I am out shopping with no makeup on and I didn't bother to do much to my hair (back then I was a mother of only one and this was VERY RARE for me.) Then of all people to run into, but the very beautiful and very made up Miss America! Let's just say that I was feeling a bit frumpy anyway, but the contrast says it all.

Anyway, I was shopping at A Joy Forever when I came across this gorgeous paper that I knew would be so perfect for this layout. (I used it on the top half). I wanted the LO to have a medieval manuscript look to it and this was so perfect. I don't know if you can tell by the photo, but it's really sparkly.

Text is in an Old English font and reads:
Once Upon a Time in the far away land of Gresham lived a beautiful young woman named Katie Harmon who was chosen fairest of them all . She was crowned and proclaimed to be Miss America in the year 2002. One day Katie returned to the Gap, the merchant where she once peddled clothing. It just so happened that on that very same day a woman named Alyssa, from a nearby town, came to inquire about an Easter dress for the fair baby Natalie. Alyssa noticed other townsfolk were having their photographs taken with Miss America. Afterall, it isn’t everyday you get to meet such a gem. Alyssa was torn because she had left her little villiage without adourning herself in a suitable manner. After setting her vanity asside, Alyssa walked up to Katie and introduced herself. She was kindhearted and after a quick photograph, Alyssa continued on her way. The Endv

Paper: (top half) Die cuts with a view "Enchanted Paisley from their "once upon a time" line,
bottom Karen Foster Designs "Outdoor Brown,"
Title: I printed it from my printer then cut it out and embellished with red glitter from Stampin' Up!
Book Plate and brads: Stampin' Up!
Paisleys were cut out from the "Enchanted Paisley" paper
Green Organza Ribbon is from Joann's Fabric
Crown: was cut freehand out of gold cardstock and then I used gemstones from Oriental Trading Co.


Bob Roush said...

You have always been beautiful to me!

Alyssa said...

Aaawww thanks!

sweetktea said...

Oh Alyssa!
What a great picture, you're so silly-you look just fabulous yourself! :-)
Great layout though, like the crown you made and the journaling style is just perfect for the page! Someday I am going to have to join the AE Academy for the Fonts for Dummies class. I love all the fabu. fonts you always use.

Isn't it funny though that the one day you decide to just not do anything to yourself and just run that errand whatever it may always run in to someone that you haven't seen for a while or whatever. It has happened to me too. It's mortifying but what are ya gonna do??

Alyssa said...

When it happens to me I try to play like it doesn't embarrass me, but inside I am just mortified like you said. Sometimes if I see them first I will book it to the other side of the store!