Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bitten by the Bug

This week I have been working on getting my scrap room a tad more organized. I got most of it done, now I just have to find homes for all the surface clutter. I'm sure it would have been done by now if it didn't snow, but having the kids home from school all week and a big yard filled with snow was a huge distraction.

Tonight, my sister-in-law Tami came over. She has just been bitten by the scrapbooking bug and is in the early stages of paper collecting and embellishment organizing. Pretty soon she will move on to the hoarding stage and the frivolous purchase stage and the I just gotta get my fix stage!!! All kidding aside we had a great time tonight scrapbooking and looking through the plethora of books on scrapbooking she checked out from the library. I am so excited to have someone nearby who loves scrapbooking as much as I do. Scrapbooking is just so much a part of me and the way I think it's been hard not really having someone to share it with on a regular basis.

We both got a fair amount done. Once I get some more journaling done, I will post photos here...until then, here is a Christmas photo of my nakie baby boy...hope you enjoy!

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sweetktea said...

Way to go Alyssa! You are an inspiration!
I was thinking of hostessing a monthly Friday night crop 'til ya drop sort of thing! Would you be interested? I was thinking that each month we could all take turns hostessing the crops so that it would cut down on all the long distance driving! We'll see.
I am trying to get my sis, sisnlaw, and Mom to get with it and join me. My sis has stuff, mostly stuff I have gifted to her to help her get started and maybe inspire her. My sisnlaw has a newbaby now and has mentioned wanting to start but feels she is way too picky and thinks she'd take forever doing a LO b/c of that. My Mom has all of our baby books still to do and I know she desires to start that.
I think if I create a time regularly to this goal then...maybe we would all get something done! :-)
I just spent about an hour looking at my new Creating Keepsakes top 10 magazine this afternoon, lots of good stuff. NOw, I must get busy! :-)