Thursday, January 04, 2007

Looky, looky...come see what I got

I didn't get any scrapbook layouts done today, but I did go to Craft Warehouse. I went in for one piece of Basic Grey patterned paper, but then I found these 12x12 trays. They were half off. When I saw them a couple years ago I thought they were a good idea, but with one huge design flaw. They were way too far apart from one tray to the next. If these were designed to store 12x12 scrapbook paper, you would have to have 2" of a particular color or patterned paper for each tray. Seems a bit much to me. Instead, I store all my paper in clear 12x12 magazine type binders (the paper is stored vertically) which have tabed dividers so I can separate the different colors.
Anyway, I bought these trays to store all my layouts that still in progress or are waiting to find a home in an album. This way they won't get lost on my desk (a very scary place at times). I have a tray for each kid, a tray for vacations and a tray for everything else.


sweetktea said...

That's great Alyssa!
Lookin' good. Way to be organized. I think I am going to do something like that to separate projects.
When you get themed paper and embellishments for a particular project do you store them in the general mass or do you file those together with the photos, memoralbilia (sp?)etc. until you get to it?
Curious b/c I buy the themed stuff and then later I can't find all the pieces when I go to work on that project and b/c I don't have everything together I skip it and don't start on it.
I was just wondering if you had a system for that?

Alyssa said...

A year or two ago, I bought about 8 of those clear plastic 12x12 paper keeper folders (the kind with the velcro close) and I store the paper, embellishments, memorabilia and photos in there until I get to the project. Mainly, this system is used for an event like a birthday or a trip where there are just so many photos that multiple layouts are needed to tell the whole story. For a long time I had all my memorabilia stored in boxes, but when I went to find it, I couldn't remember what box or boxes it was in. This "system" solves that problem for me.

I am using the files I just got to store all the layouts that are finished or just need journaling until they can be put away in an album. I have more layouts than albums at this point. Normally I would just store them in a random order in any old album, but I'm tired of my albums being out of order.

Wow, long answer, sorry! LOL