Sunday, January 21, 2007

How I got started with scrapbooking

I can't remember exactly when I got started scrapbooking. I know it was well before it became the hobby that it is now. I don't even think it was called scrapbooking. I think they were just referred to as photo albums back then.

Anyway, my earliest memory of designing page layouts was when I was in 5th or 6th grade. As subscribers to the Disney Channel, we received a Disney magazine which I would cut up and glue onto printer paper and make into a book.

Then in 1987, when I was in 8th grade I got a camera! My life was never the same. I took photos and documented everything around me. Once on a youth group camping trip I took photos and was asked to make up a bulletin board of the event. I included captions and funny sayings from the trip. Then after they had been on display for a while I took them down and put them in a photo album. You know, the "magnetic cling" type that we now know are harmful!

In 1993, I went to Disneyland for the first time as a college student and wanted to remember all the fun I had. Back then there were no cute background papers, or die cuts or embellishments like we have now. Instead I drew my own, cut them out and used wrapping paper for backgrounds. (I'm sure these are not acid free!)

Only a few years later, my mom was watching AM Northwest and a women on the show was talking about this new hobby of preserving memories in acid free albums. She was giving workshops at her home, so we decided to go. Come to find out she was a Creative Memories consultant. I worked on my first "real" scrapbook page at her workshop. I wish I could find's so cheesy with my photos cut in the shape of hearts and then random stickers placed everywhere.

Fast forward to the year 2001. I had just given birth to my very first baby. We had photos coming out of our ears. My friend Bekki invited me to go shopping at Scrapbook Sanctuary. Up until this point I had never set foot in a scrapbook store. Once inside I knew I was in trouble...stickers, diecuts and the cutest paper filled the store. I took my time and looked at everything, placing things in my basket as I went. When I checked out I think my total was around $20 or so and I remember thinking...I hope I don't get in trouble w/ DH!!! This is funny looking back, cause I can easily spend 2-3 times that now.

So, that's how I got started. Now I am a scrapbooker for life. I have a room dedicated to storing all my paper, embellishments, photos, and crafty tools. I wake up thinking about it and try to work on pages each day if possible. I love all the new scrapbooking supplies that are out now and I love the creative outlet scrapbooking provides for me, but the biggest motivation for me to scrapbook is when I look back at all the memories of my kids and know that these moments in time will be preserved for a very long time.


sweetktea said...

That was fun reading about how you first started with scrapbooking.
My Mom helped me with my first albums in High School. I was on the Dance Team and every year she and I would collect photos, memorabilia and programs, etc. Then at the end of the year we would do it together. We used RUBBER CEMENT for adhesive back then!!! Wooowiee was that stuff stinky!! What a mess too.
It wasn't until I was 22 after being married a little bit My Mom and I went to the RED ROSE conference at our church and we signed up for the Creative Memories workshop. They gave us tips and techniques and talked about acid free paper, etc. Then my friend Tami came over to my place and gave me an album that she had homemade with fabric and ribbons. It was supposed to be for our Wedding album (which I still haven't scrapped yet).
Anyway, she brought over all her stuff and papers, fancy scissors and we scrapped.
It is hilarious to look at those pages now and see what I thought back then was just awesome! HA!
I was also really in to stickers and cutting my pictures into shapes. Boy am I soooooo glad I have waited to scrap my Wedding!!
The very first scrap store I went in was also Scrapbook Sanctuary! It was just down the street from where we lived. I took several classes from them and did a few crops. I always loved the soda and the M&Ms they offered.
Pretty soon I started discovering other scrapbooking stores and started filling up all my punch cards!!
I will admit - I am addicted to embellishments and patterned paper!!!! I need help. I can not go in to a scrap store and not come out with something! A Joy Forever is my absolute favorite store! I went to their Grand Opening and waited in line for like 45 min. being 9 months pregnant with my two sons in tow!! THat was crazy!!! But, I didn't want to miss it! It was worth it! I am sad that we have moved this far away from it but it's probably easier on the wallet! lol
I also have a craft room (my DH calls it my "crap" room) dedicated to scrapping, sewing, etc. I love it and hope to someday soon have it organized fully!
I love this HOBBY!!!!!! :-)

"the Bekki" said...

Oh no - will D ever forgive me for taking you there? Hmmm...first I invite you guys to the beach, then you go and get married, next I take you to a store and you develop an addiction. I'm surprised he still allows you to be friends with me. HA HA! No wonder he always wants to kick my a%* during games. :D

Alyssa said...

You are sooo funny! got me hooked alright!