Thursday, September 21, 2006

Baby Shower Gift

Here is a paint can I did for my friend's baby shower (18 months ago). There are small pieces of blue paper attached to the side and inside there were things for making baby scrapbooks. On the lid, the text reads:
Baby books are great fun, but sometimes you're so busy... Living with a little one can put you in a tizzy. Milestones pass too fast at times to find the propper page. So jot a note with each event, with date and Isaac's age, then drop it in this memory can to help you remember each wonderful stage.
(This saying came from Pea Soup on the 2 Peas website) The background paper used is from Stampin' Up! (but it's been retired)


Diane C said...

You are so clever - where were you when I was having my babies?...alright..probably enjoying the single life. Thanks for the ideas..especially since my niece is expecting in March :)

sweetktea said...

Uh, ok...gonna steal this idea from you! My friend just had a baby girl, their first and she is a journaler so she'd totally appreciate this gift. Plus, how fun is that going to be to make?! BTW, How can one human being possibly have all those good ideas, everyweek you amaze me with your stinkin' great ideas! Keep 'em coming!

Alyssa said...

Thanks...I've been storing up ideas for YEARS. I'm glad you both can use these ideas. That's the whole idea behind my blogs, I hope to truly inspire my friends.

Diane C said...

You are a walking inspiration - I wondered where wonder women has been all these years...little did we know she has been hiding in a "boring" place...thinking up cool stuff