Monday, September 25, 2006

I Love 7 Gypsies Ephemera Products...discuss

As I was checking out after the all night crop at my LSS last Friday, I saw the coolest embelishments for sale at the counter. They are from 7 Gypsies. I love their stuff. So cool and yet so timeless. Anyway they have these new tags called 97% complete and it was all I could do not to buy one of each. Here are just a few samples and a link to their website: 7-Gypsies

Aren't these great? I just love all the cool office ephemera that people use in scrapbooks. Someday I am going to be brave enough to try it, but there is such a specific look to it. I need to expand my style a little more...get a little more artsy-fartsy. I love the look of collage that is used on heritage pages such as this picture I found on the 7-Gypsies web site:
Ephemera: (uh-fem-er-a) n. 1. ornamental paper embellishments for scrapbooking, cards, collage or altered books. 2. printed material of passing interest, as in periodicals or pamphlets.

Here are some ideas I found on

Tips and Tricks for Using Ephemera

Cut or tear out the images and use them as is—or try a few of these techniques.

* Distressing: Cut or tear out the image, then crumple it into a ball; smooth out and then lightly sand to further distress the paper.
* Chalking: Use your finger, a small foam applicator or a cotton swab to apply chalk to the edge of the parchment, vellum or paper, or to highlight a certain word. Apply the chalk lightly at first, then add more to darken the color. If you need to lighten or remove some of the chalk, use a white artist’s eraser.
* Direct-to-Paper Inking: Place a rubber stamp inkpad directly on the paper. Tap the pad for light coverage, or drag it for thicker, complete coverage. You can also rub the inkpad along the edge or the top of the paper—this looks great on both torn or straight edges!
* Stippling: Tap the bristles of a stippling brush onto a rubber stamp inkpad. Hold the brush straight and gently tap the bristles on the paper. For best results, choose an ink color that matches or complements your project. Tip: Some inkpads will be wetter or have more intense colors. Stipple the color onto a scrap piece of paper before applying it to your Ephemera piece!
* .Attaching Ephemera: Attach your Ephemera image with glue, foam tape, brads, eyelets, safety pins, staples or stitches.

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sweetktea said...

I love these new items too from 7 Gypsies! They have this report card one that I am planning on picking up and using for Hunter's 1st day of school layout. Must've been a popular one b/c it was all gone at the store I saw it at.