Thursday, September 21, 2006

Baby Shower Momento

When I threw a baby shower for my friend Anne, we decided to do a tea. So I made up a little booklet with the menu on the front. On the inside there were pages that told the history of tea, how to brew the perfect cup of tea as well as a few tea recipes (scones etc.) It's hard to tell in the photo, but the booklet it hole punched at the top left corner and held together with a ring that has blue ribbon tied to it. I also made the invites that turned out sooo cute, but I didn't take any pictures. I will post a picture when I find my copy of the invite. (it's probably in a box somewhere in the garage...not unpacked from the move yet!) For party favors, everyone got to take home a little silver tea spoon.


sweetktea said...

I really like the small touches of blue. Not overstated at all.
My sis threw me a tea party/dress-up shower for Hailey. Everything was boas, hats, etc. They had a chest there to fill with dress-up items for Hailey when she gets bigger. Everybody brought a dress-up item with them to the shower to add to her dress-up chest. The tea was delicious and I had so much fun. I know that it can be a lot of work and preparation. I am certain that your friend totally appreciated everything and felt the love! How fun!
Oh, I forgot to mention that she had party favors too but I made these really cool tea bag favors for everyone thanking them for coming to my shower. I'll have to email a photo to you sometime. It had a sweet saying on it. Too long for this blog. Remind me. :-)

sweetktea said...

Oh, I totally forgot to mention your menus! LOve that Idea. Do you still have any? I would love to see the whole thing. What a really nice keepsake!

sweetktea said...

Ok, it's me AGAIN! I just wanted to say, yes, find that invite. It would be so fun to see. Especially since everything else was so fun that you made.
Ok, tha'ts all.

Alyssa said...

I will gladly show you the invite and soon as I find them!!! I also made these really cute baby shoes from paper that I filled with mints, but sadly, I didn't take a picture of them.

sweetktea said...

Oh Alyssa! Bummer, maybe did you take some photos during the tea? B/c if you had then maybe you can see them between the gals at the table...just a thought. I hate it when that happens.