Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Themed Fonts

I was asked where I got the "Friends" font used in my best friends album and thought it might be of interest to everyone. The short answer is "I don't remember." However it wasn't hard to find. Just do a Google search for Friends font and see what you get. Here is a cool website that has tons of themed fonts from tv shows, movies, bands as well as many other familiar brand names.
As a designer and scrapbooker, I can never have too many cool fonts.

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sweetktea said...

OMG!!!!THat is so COOL! I wish I would've know about that when my son had his Star Wars bday party this last June! But, I can now use that resource for scrappin the pics! Thanks so much, you are a wealth of info!
Oh, I am so excited! :-)
Fonts ARE fun!