Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No Soup for YOU!

While in NYC in 2003, Dan and I thought it would be fun to have soup at the soup kitchen made famous by the show "Seinfeld." On our way there, we stoped at the hang-out from the show. When we got to the Soup Kitchen International, it was 'closed for the summer.' Keep in mind, this was in May that we were there. I think the place is so popular that he can just take a vacation whenever he wants. No Soup for YOU!

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sweetktea said...

Ok, this layout is "Mmm, mmm, good"! (get it? Campbell's soup?) Anyway, I like how it's embellished but not too fussy. Love the steam and the soup bowl-the alphabet letters....too cute.
On the first page I liked how you highlighted yada, yada, yada and how you put all those catch phrases around the page. Great job!