Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Birthday Card and Gift Bag

Here is a card and gift bag I made for my BF's birthday 2 years ago. We went out for tea at the Pomeroy House in Washington and had a great time. Stamps, ink and paper are Stampin' Up!


sweetktea said...

Again, love the cherries! They just make me so happy! Because you were going to a Tea it was very appropriate to add that lace, very nice touch Alyssa!
BTW, love the Pomeroy House, delish! You have to go there when they do their specialty teas because they do it in the old house and it's all decorated for whatever the theme they are having. My Mom and I went to one when I was preggers with Hailey, it was outside in the garden under a white tent and it was Anne of Green Gables theme. Very fun. We (mom, sis and I) are going to their fall themed tea. They always have an introduction of what they will be serving and they are more than generous with the sandwiches and scones plus they always have some kind of fun trivia or tidbit to talk to you about. Anyway, one of my favorites.
Have you tried Rose's in Gresham. It's off of Powell. Yum!

Alyssa said...

I've always wanted to go to the Anne of Green Gables tea...and take my sister. She loves those movies. I'll have to ask you about it sometime. I have heard of Rose's but never been there. What's it like? Did you ever go to Evangeline's on Powell? That used to be my favorite, but then they changed ownership and eventually got turned into a Thai restaurant.

sweetktea said...

Yes, you must, maybe when I go there for the fall tea I can inquire about the AOGG tea!
Rose's is yummy, especially their sticky toffee bread pudding-oh man! Everyone there is so nice. They have a house tea that they serve and I haven't ever requested anything else b/c I like their blend. Um...the gift shop is well...not so much and the decor is ok but the atmosphere and the food and the ladies there are what keep me and my mom going back. Oh, plus, you can order their tea to go. They pack it all up in a box complete with doilies and jam and devonshire cream, etc. and the tea you can get to go too in one of those coffe type cups with a lid. Oh, their soups are tasty too! Linda is a wonderful server, her mom is Rose hence the name...Rose's.
I have been to Evangeline's but now it is some Thai place or something. Oh, I just noticed that you just said that and I am too tired to go back and erase what I typed.
If you are looking for a great gift shop and great tea though. Go out to Sherwood to Sleighbells. There is a tea house inside the store called Tea's me. Oh, boy! One of my favorites! A group of us are going in Dec. for their Christmas themed tea. Go try it! Lots and lots to look at so be prepared.